Names Etc Found in Fox's 7/15/16 Blog Article

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Martha Barksdale
Thomas (Barksdale)
Brad Barksdale
Donzella Bobo
Paul Theroux
Jeff Patton
Riley Edwards
John Edwards
Jeff Graves
Emmily Carr Smith
Michelle McPherson
Madison of AULD
Jennifer Wilkins
Maria Moreno
Sam De La Cruz
Jorge Corona
Jackie Weaver
Elizabeth Weaver
Solomon Stanton
Hugh Taylor
Wallace (George)
Asa Carter
Elizabeth (Asa Carter’s 1st cousin)
Clint Eastwood
Uncle Fremont
LD McReynolds
Mark Petty's inlaws
Box Boys Munsey
(III and IV [or Eye Vee])
Bobby Welch.
Mark Morgan
Andee (
Fox’s UPS buddy)
Aunt Charlotte
Phyliss Jones
Brett Morgen
Pastor John Morgan
Jennifer Wilkins



Auburn University
UTenn ( University of Tennessee)
University of Alabama
Duke (University) 


Collinsville, Alabama


Collinsville Baptist Church
Cricket Marquee
China House 


coca cola in 6 ounce glass bottles
Historical Association
Martha's Right hand
Clint Eastwood movie
Fox's essay
hunan shrimp
some popcorn
some spare shrimp
a few photo opps

a Ford Ranger Pickup
a Cadillac Escalade
ping pong braggadocio
Uncle Fremont's best jokes
some threatening rain clouds
valet service
children's dancing troup
small town politics

The Exiled Generation
Deep South