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By David Flick

Why I am a Mainstream Baptist Preach the Word
Do I hate the Southern Baptist Convention? These Are a Few of My Regrets
Southern Baptist Hypocrisy    What Do They Know?
Am I Having Fun Yet?    Identity Crisis
The Man Who Should Have Been Random Thoughts About Ralph Elliott
Historic Baptists or Revisionists? Why Not Ordain Women?
Stepping Forward or Backward? How Fundamentalist Myths Changed the SBC
  Rethinking An Old Tradition
There is a Comparison  There is a Comparison II
A Glimpse of Oklahoma  Context Is Crucial
Bad Theology One Size Fits All
Are Calvinists Passionate
About Evangelism? 
Credibility and Reputation
James Merritt 2001 SBC President Address Bailey Smith's "Wheat & Tares" Sermon
Anthony Jordan - Mainstream or Extreme Who Are my Enemies?
You Stand While I Read the Bible  Bow Your Heads and Close Your Eyes
  The Sheep Rancher
John Yeats Editorial - July 13, 2000

The Christian American Citizen - Brent Walker

Who Controls the Bible? - By Lavonn Brown Women and the SBC- By William Hull
Oklahoma DOM's Resolution DOM Minutes - 8/14/2002
Arby's Draft My Apology
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Fannin Letter